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Word of mouth can be your best friend or your second to worst enemy.  (we know who your worst enemy is but we can't tell you because we were sworn to secrecy).   There are several key aspects to making sure your site doesn't get lost in the etherbabble:
  • Search Engine Placement:  Do you think the top ranking sites got into the top 10 on Altavista just by luck?  Fat chance.  Search Engine optimization is a science all its own, requiring an iterative process of keyword density analysis, submittal and monitoring.
  • Provide Useful Content:  Did you ever notice that you go to one of the category killer bookstores (Borders, Barnes and Noble) to look something up in a book for free, but you end up spending twice as much as you planned but not really minding that much?  And you keep coming back?
  • Lay off the marketeseWeb users are turned off by bland corporatespeak.  If you want people to buy your stuff, they need to read your site.  If reading your site makes them violently ill, a simple Pavlovian conditioning will occur to the detriment of your business.
There are also some no-brainers such as:
  • Traditional media marketing.
  • Targeted mailings.
  • Opt-in email offers (although we have done a few things at the request of clients that we aren't particularly proud of, we won't do spam).
  • Dropping turkeys from a helicopter ("As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly -- Arthur Carlson")
  • Banner ads (not too effective unless tightly targeted)
  • Incoming deep links.
  • Affiliate programs.
Contact Us and we can explain the turkey thing.




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