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     With Public Image Limited you can: Web-enable your business,  communicate with your customers, sell products online, increase productivity, improve your image, Increase customer loyalty, end world hunger,  win friends, and influence people.  
     We are a full service web solution services firm offering:
     We don't just build your site, however.  We can help you develop an entire internet business strategy. Even if your business is, shall we say, not overburdened with internet savvy, we can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with taking your business online and maximize the value you obtain from your web budget.  We can help you integrate the web into the fiber of your business by harnessing the power of: Web Design 
Search Engine Placement 
Graphic Design 
Web Application Programming 


Here are some questions that will help convince you that you need us.
Q.  Let's face it, anyone can put together a web page. Right?
A.  Absolutely right.
Q.  Then what do we need Public Image Limited for?
A.  Have you ever seen some of these pages?
Q.  What makes you so special?
A.  We're smart. 
Q.  Explain.
A.  We approach web design from your customer's standpoint.  This approach has three facets:
  • Stuff.  Call it content or whatever you like, your site should be have something on it that customers want, such as a task they can accomplish (buying something), product information they need, or even just the contact information for your technical support department.
  • Usability.  Customers should be able to do what they came there to do with a minimum of confusion.  They are ruthless with the back button.  If your site isn't easy to navigate and use, one of your competitors' will be.
  • Great Taste.  This is the payoff.  Customers should get the impression from your site that you are a quality company staffed by competent professionals.  Customers who can derive value from your site will return more often and will do your marketing for you, leaving you free to raise rare orchids or play high stakes backgammon, if that is your thing.
Q.  What trendy catchphrases do you know?

A.  Plenty:

  • Extranets are password protected areas of the web set up to facilitate communication and transactions between you and your customers, suppliers or consortium partners.
  • By contrast, an Intranet is simply an internet that you have set up on your corporate LAN or WAN for your employees only.
  • Usability:  In the web context, usability refers to the practice of designing a web page as if it were a user interface, rather than a marketing brochure or television commercial.  
  • PDF's are Adobe Portable Document Format documents that display and print the same across various platforms.
  • Active Server Pages is a server side scripting platform.
There are a whole bunch more catchphrases on our skills page.
Q.  Do you have any useless and possibly fabricated statistics?
A.  Do we ever!  9 out of 10 smart people agree that contacting us to discuss your internet strategy is a great way to increase the success of your business, impress your boss, and eradicate ring around the collar.




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