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     The Big Kahuna.  The Holy Grail.  Whatever you call it, it's what everyone wants to do.  Sell products over the web.  Put a shopping cart on your site and watch the sales roll in.  Just like on TV, right?
     Well, maybe.  If you are a low price provider in a commoditized market, the sales will roll in until one of your competitors undercuts you and the invisible hand of the market goes upside your head.  If your bread and butter is providing quality and service, selling over the web is just the first step.  The real power of the web is in building the customer relationship.  If your site provides real value to the customer, they will keep coming back.  Any schmoe can put a shopping cart site up, the real key is in:
  • Making the site easy to use.
  • Identifying and providing value-added content.
Of course, you want to make it easy to buy, as well.

     If you do these things, you won't have to fight tooth and nail for every sale.  Customers will recognize the fact that the service you provide more than makes up for any slight price advantage they can get from the boiler-room operation down the street.
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