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Apart from industry specific experience, the real value that we bring to any web project is our business sense, our focus on the customer, and our rapier wit.  That being said, we are no slouch in the nerd department either.  Just because we talk about things like "vortals", "synergy" and other corporatespeak nonsense, doesn't mean that we can't pop open a Mountain Dew, put on the theme from "Shaft" and crank out  some killer code.  Public Image Limited is proficient with the following technologies:
  • Active Server Pages (ASP):  Microsoft's technology for server side scripting on their Internet Information Server platform.  Very useful for rapid development of web applications.  Public Image Limited has significant experience and skill with developing database driven websites using Active Server Pages.
  • Portable Document Format (PDF):  Adobe's technology for preserving document layout across all platforms.  PDF's can be viewed by anyone with Adobe's free PDF viewer (available from Adobe).  Unlike an HTML page, when you create a PDF document you can be sure that it will display and print exactly as you have created it on a Mac, PC, Linux or even a Schwinn machine.  The real magic that we do is to create a dynamic PDF from database data.
  • Flash:  Macromedia's technology for displaying animation and interactivity on a website.  The downside to Flash is that you need a browser plug-in to view it, the upside is that the Flash plug-in is rapidly becoming ubiquitous.
  • Javascript:  Preferred client side scripting language.  Javascript is a subset of the Java language, first promulgated by Sun.  Javascript is superior to Microsoft's VBScript (a subset of Visual Basic) because it can be natively run on non-Microsoft browsers.
  • Structured Query Langage. (SQL):  Common language used to access back end databases.  Whether it is Microsoft Access, SQL Server or Oracle, SQL is what we use to connect your application to the data.
  • PDV-57B:  Hasn't been invented yet, but we are sure it will be pretty impressive.
  • GIF, JPG, GIF89 -- Various graphics formats, including formats for animation that don't require browser plug-ins.
  • UNIX:  The operating system of real servers.  We tend towards UNIX (or a free variant such as FreeBSD), using cgi scripting languages such as PERL for "normal" web pages.  As the level of interactivity increases, we tend more towards Windows NT and ASP because of the decreased development time (read: cost).
  • Streaming Audio / Video:  We are comfortable with the major vendors such as RealAudio or Windows Media.  
Since technology changes so quickly, this list is necessarily incomplete.  If your interested in something you don't see here, Contact us and we can tell you if we can do it.





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