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From simple shopping carts to web front ends for your business critical applications, Public Image Limited can rapidly develop and deploy quality applications.  Our development process insures that does what you need it to do, quickly. Some examples:
  • Dynamic PDF or RTF generation
  • Web based internet site content management.
  • Workflow and project management and tracking.
  • Document imaging and management.
  • Discussion groups and email lists.

Were sadists.  At least that what some people think.  We believe that in any development project, there is going to be a certain amount of pain.  It's just that we figured out that a little pain early on can prevent a whole world of hurt later.  Prior to feeding that first can of Mountain Dew to our application programmers, we will torture you with gazillions of questions about your application requirements, your business, and your customers as well as random geographic trivia questions just to keep you on your toes.
  •   Quick, what's the capital of Mongolia?

The whole process is geared towards communicating what you want to our development team.  Only when we understand what you want, can we give you what you want.  Right now, we think you want to Contact Us and find out more.








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