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We Don't Build Sites For You.....
We build them for your customers.  Whether your customers are females aged 18-25, CIO's of the Fortune 2000, or the blockheads in engineering.  The biggest part of designing your site is figuring out how your customers would like to see the information presented.  Sometimes this is tough, because they will lie.  People will tell you they like the 300KB Flash animation because they do; the first time.  But after the 10th time, they click straight through to get to the good stuff, the information and transactional capabilities that attract them to your site again and again.

The trick here is to create a structure that is: 

  • Intuitive and easy to understand and anticipate.
  • Visually stimulating.
  • Conducive to trust.
  • Quick to download.
Throughout the design process our analysts will ensure that the informational architecture is sound while the developers work closely with the graphic design team to ensure that your site presents a visual identity that is in keeping with your customer's expectations.  Don't get us wrong, we have the skills necessary to create a flashy multimedia experience for the 2% of your customer base on a DSL, cable modem or T1 line, but our mantra is "Design for the customers, not other designers.".
Contact Us and we would be happy to chant our mantra to you in person for periods in excess of forty five seconds.




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