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    Put Your Summer Interns to Work:

You Complain All Year:
"We never have the time to get ahead of the eight ball."  

"If only we could be more proactive instead of reactive."

"I knew that chicken salad smelled funny."

      Then during the lazy, hazy days of summer you are blessed with manna from heaven, or at least mannapower from heaven.  Interns, lots of them, eager for work and tech-savvy.  The only problem is half of your staff is on vacation, and the other half is busy putting out fires.  You have a golden opportunity, but your energetic, go-getter interns are wasted color coding your file folders or photocopying the employee manual.  We can help, and here's how:
  • We can meet with you to determine which projects are likely candidates for intranet, extranet or web design projects.
  • We can quickly train your interns to become web content developers.
  • Under our supervision, your interns will gather and develop content for your new web site, application or intranet.

Everybody Wins!

  • Your interns get a chance to have plenty of face time with your staff as they develop your content, they become intimately familiar with many aspects of your business (apart from the copy room).
  • You get a new intranet, extranet, website or application developed quickly and for very little money.  You take credit for this amazing idea and soon are promoted to Vice President in Charge of Cruising Around in the Company Convertible.
  • We get a great new customer, and we do what we do best, add value to the project.  We also get to ride around in the Company Convertible while those poor sap interns are working themselves to death.

Now, you may have some questions.  They might go a little like this:

Q.  Can't we just use you to train our people and then cut you out of the loop?

A.  You can, but you won't.  Because your smart and smart people know that web projects don't fail because of a lack of HTML writers, they fail because firms don't understand what is involved in running such a project.  We know what to do, we are more than happy to let you do the grunt work.

Q.  No, really, what's in it for you once we get good at this stuff?

A.  You are always going to be better at what you do than we ever will  be, conversely, we are always going to be better at web stuff than you are.  You will always be calling us to get the benefit of our experience and expertise, and that's what we want.  We don't hide the ball, we are more than happy to teach you anything you want to know about web application design, intranet management or web design; but we know that at some point you need to make a living, and this is what we do all day long!

Q.  Will my interns like to be a part of this type of project?

A.  You're kidding, right?

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